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Montessori is an education philosophy and practice that fosters rigorous, self-motivated growth for children and adolescents in all areas of their development, with a goal of nurturing each child’s natural desire for knowledge, understanding, and respect.

There are five core features of an  Montessori accredited education: 

1) Trained Montessori Teachers

2) The multi-age classroom to facilitate mentoring and leadership

3) Specially-designed Montessori Materials for hands-on learning

4) Child-directed work that leads to motivation and focus

5) Uninterrupted work periods where students go at their own pace


All parents hope to find the best educational program for their children. And they recognize the lasting impact that early learning experiences have on a child’s development and future learning. What is it about the Montessori philosophy and practice that is so appealing to parents?

For more than a century, Maria Montessori's ideas have been implemented at schools around the world, and contemporary research validates the effectiveness of the Montessori Method. We are proud that North Shore Montessori has made a positive impact on the lives of children for more than fifteen years.

Our approach meets the goals that today’s parents have for their children, including growing into capable people who will have a strong sense of self, the ability to connect with others, and the potential to be productive throughout their lives.  Now more than ever, Montessori matters—for the qualities and values our world needs, and the tomorrow that our children will create.


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