Grades 1-3

The Montessori approach emphasizes the development of the whole child. At North Shore Montessori School, we work to provide an environment where the lower elementary child may develop emotionally, socially, and academically. We strive to foster natural growth and to help the child prepare for their world, their life, and their community at large.

Our elementary classroom is designed to give the child a chance to begin to explore a world in a holistic way. Cosmic education, a keystone in Montessori philosophy, grants students the chance to enter into society practiced in thinking about who they are as individuals, as part of the human species, as citizens of a nation. 

Ultimately, the expectation is that through learning about humans through time and across the world today, the child may begin to appreciate his or her own place in the greater whole of humanity. By learning about those who have walked the earth before us, we come to better understand our own individual path.

Lower elementary students are allowed the chance to explore a wide array of materials and concepts without being limited by grade. As such, a student can choose more challenging work than his or her peers, often working at a higher grade level to deepen their understanding of a math concept, a language arts assignment, or a research topic of interest.