Children and adults LOVE our school!


"NSMS prepared me to adjust easily to a new academic environment when I moved on to 7th grade. I noticed that my work ethic thoroughly improved during the time I was at NSMS. Productiveness, an open mind, and a positive setting have all contributed highly towards my academic and personal growth." -Niamh, recent graduate


"Our daughter is absolutely thriving at NSMS—she loves being able to learn at her own pace, she is nurtured by the mixed-grade classroom, and we were amazed by her work portfolio. NSMS has made such a positive impact on our child, and on our whole family. School is no longer a place of stress, and that's a great feeling!"        -Natalie, mother of a Lower Elementary student


"I love that we don’t have desks and get to work on our own and be with our friends. I love that we have lots of time to play outside. Lower Elementary is a mixture of first years, second years and third years. I like that we can work together and help each other. We all have jobs each week that are really fun, like, egg farmer, pizza waiter and taking out the recycling.  I love my school, and I want to stay here all the way until sixth grade." - Julia, first grader


“Our little guy absolutely loves his school. He is so excited to go every day. The teachers are kind and knowledgeable and teach him practical skills every day - it’s been amazing to see him doing things by himself at home, such as putting on his own jacket and throwing things away in the trash and picking up his toys. He talks about his schoolmates and teachers lovingly - it’s a great school, we truly love it."- Anna, mother of a Children's House student


At North Shore Montessori, we learn, play, and grow together.