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Mystery History & Dead and Famous!

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

The elementary students researched, wrote and presented on notable people—past and current!

All-school assemblies don't look quite the same during COVID, but we bundled up on a chilly October day for the elementary children to showcase weeks of work that went into learning about famous people, and preparing to share what they learned with an audience of their peers, teachers and parents.

The Lower Elementary class, feeling proud after all the work that they put into their Mystery History research and presentations!

The Lower Elementary students went first, showcasing their research, writing and presentation skills to an all-school audience that included the kindergarten class and many parents as well. We learned about the first president of the United States, scientists, inventors, a race car driver, a painter and a horse rider.

"Our Mystery History timeline was created by the children during a cultural lesson on timelines and a math lesson on measurement. Timelines are an integral part of the Montessori curriculum; this one will hang in our classroom for the remainder of the school year," explained Michele Denner, lead teacher in the Lower Elementary classroom.

Lizzie, a third-grader and avid horse rider, profiled rodeo champion and barrel racer Charmayne James. Assistant Lower Elementary Teacher Amy Belanger offered support.

"For art, the children used oil pastels to create a self-portrait or a representation of their Mystery History person. For geometry, the children created cubes on which they wrote research facts. They will eventually bring home their cubes and art. Their written work is now in their portfolio," said Denner.

"I loved Mystery History so much!" said Ryland, a second grade student who presented on Woods Hole oceanographer Lane Abrams. "Next year I'm going to do even more research and writing so I can make an even better presentation. This was one of my favorite things at school!"

Upper Elementary rocked their presentations!

Leonardo da Vinci, Steve Jobs, James Dean, George and Gracie Burns, General George Patton—these were just a few of the famous people who our Upper Elementary students brought to life through interesting and entertaining role-playing and skits.

A first grader, Julia is new at NSMS this year. She chose the Italian painter Artemesia Gentileschi for her research subject.

President Abraham Lincoln made an appearance as well! Aside from the hard work they put into their projects and the confidence that the children got from presenting, it was wonderful to watch children of all ages congratulate each other and call out parts of their presentations that they enjoyed. It was a very positive and affirming afternoon for all involved.

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