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Another year in the books: NSMS celebrates our 15th anniversary!

The 2021-22 school year had its ups and downs for all families and educators, as year three of the pandemic continues. But at North Shore Montessori School, we can proudly report that we had zero in-school COVID transmissions, and no all-school closings. All things considered, it was a great year!

We are grateful to everyone in our school community who helped us to stay as healthy as possible so that we could all focus on what's most important: learning and growing! And that's just what we did—inside the classroom and out, with academics and through our relationships and personal development.

On Wednesday, June 8, we gathered for our Year End Celebration at Veasey Memorial Park in Groveland, Mass. Aside from the traditional moving up ceremonies, guests were treated to a musical concert of drumming, signing and even ukulele by our preschool through sixth graders.

Instructors Kevin Dacey (drumming) and Steve Kercher (voice and ukulele) led the children through several numbers that showcased the progress made through the year.

The graduating sixth graders each shared impressive testimonials of what NSMS has meant to them. Their poise, thoughtfulness and maturity were on display, making clear that their Montessori education will continue to serve them throughout their lives.

The event was especially notable as we celebrated fifteen years since director Margaret Henry founded North Shore Montessori School in 2007. It was originally limited to the Children's House program, but expanded to serve elementary grades at the urging of parents.

Margaret and the teachers served students and families delicious cake and fruit as we enjoyed picnicking and socializing under shady trees.

Read more about our school's history in this article in the Town Common newspaper. Read bios of our devoted educators: Margaret Henry, Aida Celebic, Michele Denner, Amy Belanger and Paddy Cummings here.

It certainly takes a village to ensure our school thrives—from daily Care of Environment jobs performed by students, to field trip chaperones and seasonal yard and garden work, and of course everything our caring teachers do to nurture and support the children in their Montessori education—each member of our NSMS family plays an important role.

Thank you to all who make it possible! We hope that everyone has a wonderful, safe and fun summer, and we look forward to seeing you in September.

Above, Hailey Caddigan, a graduating sixth-grader, shares what NSMS means to her.

Above left, NSMS Founding Director Margaret Henry. At right, Henry with (left - right) Aida Celebic, assistant Children's House teacher; Amy Belanger, assistant Lower Elementary teacher; Paddy Cummings, head Upper Elementary teacher; and Michele Denner, lead Lower Elementary teacher.

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