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A Very Montessori Valentine's Day

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Kind words, caring deeds, flowers and healthy treats. Now that sounds like a lovely Valentine's Day celebration!

With the over commercialization of just about every holiday, it can be so refreshing to bring back simple expressions of friendship and hand-made cards for Valentine's Day.

On February 14, each of the North Shore Montessori School classrooms celebrated in different ways, with students given the chance to express creativity and practice writing and reading by making Valentines for each other.

One particularly nice gesture is that the Upper Elementary Students made Valentines for all the Lower Elementary children.

With thoughtful and affirming words coming from peers, older students and teachers, these Valentine cards will surely be kept and reread, especially on a hard day.

This is one more reason we love North Shore Montessori School! Below is a selection of images from across our three classrooms. Thank you to all of the parents, teachers and students who contributed to make this celebration possible.

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