Field Trip’s

The local community in and around the North Shore area, provides for an endless choice of seasonal activities rich in educational experience. We take field trips to surrounding Audubon’s, visit farm stands and family orchards, and in the summer learn about wildlife awareness at Wolf Hollow, in Ipswich, Mass.

Some other experiential activities include a visit to the local Fire and Police Departments, visiting an agricultural High school to learn about plant repotting, and even making care packages for service men over seas. The children learn and discover the world around them, by participating in it.

Spring Tea

Our Spring Tea is our annual celebration held at the end of the school year. Each child is asked to invite one parent to the tea. Prior to the event, the children make way and prepare for their special guests. On the day of the Spring Tea, each parent is hosted by his or her child. During the Spring Tea, the parent is presented with a special gift made just for them, by their child. The Spring Tea is a way for the children to demonstrate the grace and courtesy they have learned throughout the school year.

Special Curriculum Studies

Each week NSMS presents two special curriculum instructors who come and teach the children elementary Spanish and Yoga. Our Spanish instructor teaches two half hour groups, and our Yoga instructor teaches exercise, relaxation and body awareness.