Enrichment & Extracurricular Activities


North Shore Montessori is pleased to partner with the Newburyport Musical Suite, and proud in presenting, Drumming with Kevin, exclusively for North Shore Montessori School. In addition to Kevin’s demonstration and performance, Kevin also instructs the children in the principals of rhythm, notes, sound, beats and other percussion instruments.

[su_quote]It is fun to see the children writing musical notes and beats on the white board. They are having a great time. -Margaret Henry[/su_quote]

We also are pleased to have Hannah Mell join us. Hannah brings North Shore Montessori School her incredible talents in music (voice) and movement. Hannah was the Music Director for Stoneridge Children’s Montessori School, which is now Harborlight-Stoneridge. Presently, Hannah is the music director at the River Valley Charter School and comes to NSMS on Fridays. You can check out her web site here.

School Concert’s
In December we have the Winter Music Performance & Sing Along and at the end of the school year our Moving Up Ceremony on the last day of school.
Following the concert is our Annual BBQ Event!

“To assist a child we must provide him with an environment which will enable him to develop freely.” ― Maria Montessori



New for 2021!  We are proud to be partnered with the Gulf Of Maine Institute, G.O.M.I. Further expanding outdoor education and enrichment.

North Shore Montessori School is proud to have Lisa Hutchings of the The JoppaFlats Audubon Society of Newburyport, accompanied by her staff visit our school throughout the school year, teaching the children about the natural world they live in.

KOMPAN Natural Outdoor Activity Structures
North Shore Montessori School presents KOMPAN outdoor activity structures for the children. We have the super nova, somersault bar, slide, tight rope, rock wall, spider web and more! The children learn balance agility and coordination. Our outdoor activity instructor Dan Welleham, assembles the children for “Puzzler’s” outdoor activities.

In October we were introduced to, “Our School Backyard”, learning about various soil types, trees, seeds, and more. Lisa and her staff will return in
December for, “Birding”. We also will be scheduling, “Winter Tracking”, “Snow Flakes”, and then “Spring”. The Jobba Flats staff are amazing.



Our Spanish language instructor, Dan Welleham, captivates the children with Spanish phrases and songs in both the Children Houses and Lower & Upper Elementary classrooms. The children are having fun singing and conversing with each other in Spanish.


At North Shore Montessori School we have our traditional all school field trips to an apple orchard for Apple Picking in the early part of the year and
Maple Sugaring in the second half of the school year during March. The Elementary and Kindergartners take their bi-weekly walk to the Rowley Public Library, as well as many more field trips to go along with their studies.


We are proud to have Eagle Bear, a Native American from Denver Colorado, join us with his daughter to share native stories, Hopi Dances, and traditional dances celebrating life given by his daughter. Eagle Bear also provides hands on natural materials and musical instruments to present to the children.

Later in the school year, The Children’s House present their annual Spring Tea. Each child invite’s one guest – preferably a parent first. In preparation for the event the children prepare the food, and create a gift and card for their guest.